Cool Clock Free Live Wallpaper – Now 1,000,000+ Downloads!

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Cool Analog Clock for your Android home Screen!


This is a Live Wallpaper for your Android phone. Go and get it, is’s FREE!

Get it on Google Play


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  1. Eelooz

    Cool Clock FREE has more than 750 000 downloads on Google Play 🙂

  2. john

    Best clock ever

  3. Eelooz

    Cool Clock FREE has now more than 800 000 downloads on Google Play. It’s on the top 100 list for BEST FREE Live Wallpapers in Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands and Finland!

  4. Eelooz

    Cool Clock FREE has been rated by more than 3300 people, getting an average rate of 4.1 stars! Get your own copy today, it has more than 850 000 downloads on Google Play!

  5. Eelooz

    This awesome clock gets more than 1000 downloads each day and has more than 900 000 downloads on Google Play!

  6. Eelooz

    Now 950 000 downloads. Counting down to 1 million downloads….

  7. Eelooz

    Now Over 1 Million Downloads on Google Play! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Thank you!!!

  8. countdown

    Download Cool Clock APK for Android by Eelooz

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